Another one | First.

Here we go again, another blog.

For those of you that know me, this would be the nth blog I’m starting.

I promise I have a good reason this time.


For the past couple of years, I’ve been using Squarespace to host my blog as well as my photography portfolio. It was probably one of the prettiest interfaces I’ve ever used, it was a great platform. It made things easy for me, even having my own domain was a breeze to set up! I guess my only key complaint was how difficult it was to insert multiple photos in one blog post, simultaneously. This is actually a major pain point for me because I do love photography and my file sizes are not the smallest… this means that to upload each individual photo one by one is a mammoth task. Though this is a pain point, this wasn’t the reason I made the switch to WP.

As pretty and professional Squarespace is, one key element was missing for me  – a sense of community. All of my previous blogs (yes stemming from over 10 years ago) were on very community-like platforms: Tabulous, Multiply, Live Journal, Blogger and of course, Tumblr. These sites provided bloggers with the ability to interact with other bloggers and easily discover new blogs, may it be through hashtags, simple searches, social networks or any other way – and that is what I dearly missed the last couple of years.

That’s what brought me here.

Has anything changed?

In conjunction with the constraints I mentioned above, due to the professional nature of my previous site, I felt very wary of posting anything I wanted. It felt like I had to stick to photography posts/photoblogging-typed posts. And that’s what I want to change here. 

Who am I and what should readers expect from this blog?

I’m a twenty something year old Sydneysider who has a strong passion for photography, puns, penguins, blogging & the kitchen. That’s pretty much what you’ll get from this blog – but let’s break that down a bit, shall we?

  • Photography – I am by no means a professional photographer. I have a full-time profession in the IT industry but my passion definitely resides within the photography space.
    • My preferred styles of photography are landscape, food, street and some event photography. (Yes, that makes studio photography one of my least preferred styles!)
    • Expect a lot of long posts with just photos on photos on photos on photos. 🙂
  • Puns – no explanation required for this one I think? I am a sucker for puns, however y’all have to remember: Life’s not all pun and games!
  • Penguins – this one is purely my obsession for the cutest and most monogamous creatures on the planet – penguins. I don’t think there will be too much content on penguins, but if there’s a sudden influx of them then I guess you’ve been forewarned!
  • Blogging – As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve had my fair share of blogs over the last decade. Some have been ultra personal (yes, maybe even overshare kind of blogs), some have been pretty standard – i.e. journal styled, and others have been for photography portfolio purposes. I don’t think I’m any good at the blogging game, but my love for blogging stems from the fact that writing is one of my coping mechanisms – it has been for years now. Whenever I’m angry or sad or happy or inspired, I tend to want to write about it. Yes, the angry/furious ones tend to have some profanities in it, but I am human after all.
    • I’d say this blog will have a whole bunch of topics I’ll be blogging about – I don’t think I can categorise it into one specific aspect. Let me surprise you.
  • The kitchen – This is not me purely being someone who loves to eat. I love my kitchen adventures – that is, my cooking adventures. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some with you guys on here, so stay tuned!

What happens now?

I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do with my previous posts on my Squarespace. I think I might migrate them over here and just categorise them as archive posts? There are a few on there that I don’t want to get rid of just yet. I might start migrating them onto this one over the next week or so. Sorry in advance if it’s a bit spammy!


I hope this first blog post has given you some idea about what this is going to be about, and my rationale for creating ‘yet another blog’. Please do let me know your thoughts on any of my posts!




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